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Comprehensive Guide to Property Ownership in the UAE

The UAE provides an ideal canvas for crafting a fulfilling lifestyle for you and your loved ones. With world-class education, entertainment, infrastructure, unparalleled security, and excellent business opportunities, the UAE offers all the essential elements to accommodate your life goals.

What Sets the UAE Apart
from the Rest of the World

Certainly! The UAE has been recognized as the 4th best place to live and work.

In a global survey encompassing over 20,000 individuals residing and working abroad, the UAE has secured a position among the top 5 best places worldwide to live and work. This acknowledgment underscores the country’s potential as a leading global economy, attributed to its dedicated emphasis on infrastructure, overall quality of life, innovation, and fostering inclusion amidst diversity.

Comparing the Cost: Buying vs Renting Property in the UAE

The cost-effectiveness varies based on the duration of your stay. For short-term stays of a few years, renting tends to be more economical. Conversely, for longer-term plans in the UAE, purchasing a home proves to be more advantageous. On average, the cumulative expenditure for renting a two-bedroom apartment in the UAE over a few years can often equate to the installment amount for acquiring a permanent residence in the country.

The UAE is witnessing an increasing trend in the upgrade to larger residences.

As UAE residents embrace a flexible work style, there is a growing demand for homes that offer increased space, enabling a clear separation between “work-life” and “personal-life.” Alongside the need for expanded space, residents are actively seeking homes that provide abundant natural light and fresh air. The favorable combination of competitive prices and mortgage rates further positions the UAE as a highly conducive property buyer’s market.

The UAE stands out as one of the most appealing business destinations globally.

For decades, the UAE has consistently demonstrated itself as one of the most profitable global business destinations. This is attributed to factors such as political and economic stability, a commitment to safety and infrastructure development, and investor-friendly policies that attract entrepreneurs from across the globe. Positioned as a dynamic business hub, the UAE strategically lies within approximately an 8-hour flight from Europe, Asia, and Africa, rendering it easily accessible to three-fourths of the global population.

Rewriting: Discover the Top 10 Advantages of Investing in a Home in the UAE

Year Round Sunshine

Zero Income Tax On Salaries of UAE Residents

Excellent Standard of living

Outstanding Infrastructure

Among the safest countries in the world

Well Connected Strategic location

Competitive prices and rental revenues

Stable and established property market

Regulated Market on Par with International Destination


Consistent Development and Innovation

Types Of Mortgage

DNB Eco-Friendly Mortgage

Make the switch to sustainability with our Green Mortgage.

  • Benefit from a 0.25% discount on a five-year fixed interest rate.
    Save 50% on your processing fee.
    Offer valid until December 31, 2022.
  • Make the switch to sustainability with our Green Mortgage.
  • Benefit from a 0.25% discount on a five-year fixed interest rate.
    Save 50% on your processing fee.
    Offer valid until December 31, 2022.

Home Financing for International Residents in the UAE

Investing in a property in the UAE as a non-resident is made seamless with DNB.

  • Avail high loan amounts, reaching up to AED 10 million
  • Borrow up to 50% of the property’s value
  • Enjoy competitive variable rates with the option to link to Emirates Interbank Offered Rate (EIBOR) or Minimum Balance Rate (MBR)

Home Financing for Residential and Investment Properties in the UAE

Presenting our most competitive mortgage rate to date.

  • Starting from 0.49% + 3m EIBOR
  • Access to a dedicated Mortgage Advisor to assist you throughout your loan journey

Financing Solutions for Small-Scale Buildings

Secure financing for completed residential buildings with DNB.

  • Loan amount of up to AED 100 million
  • Flexible loan duration of up to 20 years
  • Competitive interest rates

National Housing Loan

Helping UAE nationals to buy their dream homes.

  • Loans up to AED 2 Million
  • Loan duration of up to 25 years
  • No interest